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Clearing Your Reiki Space

Before performing any energy work, it is best to clear the area of any energy which is not completely positive. In fact, many people clear the energy of every part of their living environment. There are many ways to accomplish this task. Below are several examples of clearing or cleansing the energy of your space.


Smudging is when you clear a place by using smoke, which is usually made out of sage, sweet grass, cedar, etc. It is used to clear objects, people, houses, crystals, the room etc. Open doors or windows if possible when doing a house cleansing to allow the smoke to carry negative energies away.
The most common way this is done lately is based on Native American tradition. The dried herbal smudge bundle or loose herb is placed in a fire proof container, often an abalone shell (to represent the water element) and lit, the smoke is fanned to spread it through the room, often using a large feather or feather fan, starting in the East and moving sun wise through the area in a complete circle is the way I was taught, but have seen it done many ways.
When smudging yourself you might waft the smoke around your face saying something like "May I see only the truth, hear only the truth, speak only the truth." Smudge your heart and say, "May all my acts be of love." Smudge downward to the feet and say, "May I always walk the good path." One then makes a vow or wish for the purpose of the ceremony like, "May what we do here be in and of the highest good." or, "May we be brothers in spirit and dissolve conflicts", and passes the smudge bowl and feather to the next person. Sometimes a single person will smudge all the others rather than passing the bowl around.
It cleanses away any negativity from anger, fear, frustration, etc., or to cleanse away any interfering or negative spiritual aspects about when you are working in Spiritual things.
Incense, and even burning epsom salts is in the smudge category. Some cultures throw the herbs into boiling water for steam or directly onto a fire. Some form of incensing or smudging is an almost universal energy purification method, and in fact many of the traditionally used herbs have antibiotic or other healing properties. Sage, sweet grass, lavendar, thyme, and rosemary are some of the herbs most often used.
Smudging is very eclectic nowadays, and is used by many people of all different types of spiritual paths as a means of cleansing and purifying Sacred Space, homes, selves, etc.

Using symbols

The symbols would be used by Master Teachers and Level Two Practitioners.
Before each attunement, I first clear the area with the Cho Ku Rei symbol, and then bless the space with the master symbol.
I'll draw the CKR in front of me, and push the symbol through the space with reiki, intending to clear the area of anything less than positive energy.
After the space is cleared, I'll continue to bless the space using the same method, and the Dai Ko Mayo symbol - I'll draw the symbol in the space, and fan it through the area with reiki, and my intent. Then I'll fill the space with reiki, and I am ready to begin. It's very quick, but seems very effective.
Some attunees have mentioned enjoying the environment, even though they were distance attunements!

Other methods

If you find the smoke or lingering fragrance objectionable, there's an alternative, a sort of smudge-in-a-spray; It contains water, alcohol, white sage, juniper, cedar and "other essential oils."
In addition to smudging with herbs, you can smudge with sound using a rattle, drum, or chime/bell. Just shake off excess energy from the instrument after you are done.
You can also smudge with water (spring or salt water is very good) using your hands or a plant to sprinkle it on yourself and the area of your work.
One resource on clearing is Denise Linnís book called *Sacred Space*. Itís packed full of many different, practical ways to clear your space. It deals mostly with homes but could easily be used to clear your Reiki space also.
She breaks the methods down into air, water, fire, earth and sound.

Four steps that she recommends using any method are:

Preparation: Be clear about your intention. (Where intention goes, energy flows) Clean the house/room. Purify tools and clothing to be used the day before through smudging or sunlight. Take a salt bath using 1 pound of salt and soak for at least 20 minutes. Work barefoot if you feel so inclined.

Purification: Let the room speak to you when deciding what method youíd like to use. Start with the most powerful and work down to the most refined. (eg. Start with a large heavy sounding bell and progress to a smaller light sounding bell)

Stretch to allow energy to flow through your joints. Drink a glass of energized water. Each time you exhale, expand your energy to fill the room.

Offer Prayers. Circle the room. Begin at the Eastern corner. One or sometimes two hands can be used to feel for stagnation. Then go to the middle and make a clockwise spiral to the outer edges.
Four ways to tell if a room is clear.

colours look brighter
sounds are crisper and clearer
you will feel that you can breathe deeper
you will feel lighter and freer

Invocation: Calling crystal clear energy into the space. Could be compared to filling a cleaned vase with fresh flowers. Be specific. You can dedicate your entire home to one purpose (eg. Emotional well being of the family then to specific purposes
for each room eg. Clarity of thought and purpose for a study or home office)

3 Basic Steps

Open to the energy flowing through your body and expand it to fill the entire home (space). Holding the intention of what energy you wish to invoke and letting it surge out of you in waves as you take deep breaths and exhale.

Offer prayers. Something from the heart created by you or a favourite of yours. (eg. May the Creator that dwells in all things come forward and fill this home...)

Seal it. (eg. Ring your bell after each line of prayer and at the end or sprinkle water in the 4 directions at the end. What is in your heart and mind is the important thing.)

Preservation: Use of Home Protectors and Energizers to preserve the energy. Cleansed and charged Crystals can be used for this (eg. Dedicate it to peace and balance and place in a central location or write down your intention and bury by the roots of a houseplant. Reaffirm every time you water it.
Another method from her book is salt.

Put salt in a glass bowl. Start in the eastern corner. Toss a pinch of salt and say whatever suits you such as "Sacred Salt, Salt of Earth and Sea, Clear this room that We may be Free". After youíve done the 4 corners move outward from the center in a clockwise spiral. Any place that feels sticky, heavy, cold etc. sprinkle a little extra salt. When finished say *Mother Earth beneath us all, Hear us now, answer our call. Enter this home, this sacred place, Heal all who live within this space. After, you can vacuum the salt, but leave a bit in the corners.

I have found the energy around my computer gets stagnant so I use 3 bells to break it up periodically. I also find that having the windows open helps, also during clearing. (I often wonder what my neighbours think if they hear the bells) I also like to have wind chimes where ever possible. If you have forced heat, hanging them over a register will make them sound. I also read somewhere else that it is good to hang wind chimes outside on the four corners of the building.

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