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 Introduction to Homeopathy

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The practice of homeopathy, whether in the consulting room or in the home, is a delight and a challenge. Used carefully and wisely, it is highly effective in curing a wide range of illnesses, from minor health problems to very serious conditions.

People who are using homeopathic medicines, should know their potential and use them with respect, especially since they are now sold over the counter in most chemists and health-food shops, with very few guidelines.

In this climate of greater life expectancy and yet increasing ill-health and disillusionment with modern wonder drugs, people are questioning the quality of their health care and looking for safe and effective ways to treat illnesses as well as to improve their health.

Homeopathy offers a safe alternative as it seeks to improve the general level of health of the whole person, emotionally as well as physically, and as such is playing an important role in the movement back to a more holistic approach to health.

I believe that conventional medicines should be used sparingly and that their indiscriminate use for minor ailments is inapproppriate... Many people are undermining their general health by abusing (over-using) antibiotics and other strong conventional medications for trivial complaints. This extended us can lead eventually to resistance to drugs themselves; to allergies; and, of course, to an eventual breakdown of the immune system. Homeopathy carries none of these risks and in fact boosts the body's vitality.

(Excerpts from Miranda Castro's book on "Homeopathic Guides")

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Introduction to Homeopathy
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